August 31st, 2004

oh my stars!


We go grocery shopping and load up our backpacks; black and pink. We stumble upon the old French restaurant that closed a few months ago. The shopping center is opening another one; Saint Jacque's? This makes me tsk-tsk but remember the phone number; 862-2770. Employment oppurtunities; opening in October. That is such a long time, but it's a back-up.

Someone said we don't celebrate the 8 things we did accomplish in one day but rather toss and turn over the two things we didn't. I'm having that sort of day.

I want to set the world straight.

In other news, I'm determined to make a zine. Mentally physically emotionally I think I'm ready. I'll have a little advice column, and I think you should e-mail me with questions. But don't. Because. I have to sort things out and by the time it was published, these answers would be obsolete. But think of some questions. And, I don't know. Make up faux scenarios. "MY FRIEND BOBBY SAYS MY FRIEND CINDY IS HAWT BUT I HAVE LIKED BOBBY FOR SEVEN YEARS, SINCE HE ACCIDENTLY FATHERED MY BABY, JEREMIAH B. FROGG."

Keep yourselves busy and sane.


P.S. Don't you hate it when people write "Love, ________" in their LiveJournals? It always annoyed me, especially when someone would post a link to their LiveJournal name afterwards. [I'm sorry, I'm not trying to point you out, guy-whose-name-starts-with-an-'O'-who-posts-pictures-of-sunsets.]
oh my stars!

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My father phoned a few minutes ago; says he was delivering mail at Carvel and the woman working there was complaining about being understaffed. He mentions that I have been looking for a job and she asks if I have any experience. He says, "Oh yes - she loves ice cream." Bahaha. The woman gave him an application and says that when it's time for her to talk to me, she'll just hire me. It'll do for now.

IN BIGGER NEWS, it's Leah's birthday.

oh my stars!

Goodbye, Good Day.

Arguing with my sister makes me:

    A) feel awful to the point of stomach-aching
    B) want to hide for a very long time
    C) want to be very, very skinny tiny unrecognizable invisible not around here hidden pretty far away unhealthy
    D) want to be apologized to first [or even at all] for once
    E) stupid
    F) cliché
    G) all of the above